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Your Guide to Cleverly

Cleverly was founded by an architect and art dealer

Our founders are inspired by visual and tactile references from their careers in fashion, art and architecture. Together, they created new processes for the design and creation of towels and sheets. Fabric, colour and construction details are all created by our founders, in-house.

Importantly, Cleverly products are specially designed to age well and get better with use, evolve to a colour that is relaxed and covetable, and "become living examples of the absolute best."

Our approach to product design is to be classic, exacting and innovative

Cleverly goods are noticeably different to all others. Our founders both studied architecture and adhere to Mies Van Der Rohe's manifesto "God is in the details". Not only are Cleverly products identifiable by sight and by feel, they are workhorses. For example: you've never used a towel that is so easy to tuck, and that's because we mitre every corner and hem every edge of our towels, using a design detail specially created by us.

Never has a towel dried you so well; never has your bed felt so enticing, been so easy to make; never have your pillowcases fit so well…

Our dyes are GOTS Certified

We use eco-dyes certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) in our Cleverly products. GOTS dye is much more controlled and less harmful than a conventional synthetic dye.

We make our own fabrics from scratch, which is rare

An analogy that we often use to describe creating fabrics, is that it is like inventing a recipe for a signature cake. It is a science and the ingredients – the quantities, how you add them, mix them, heat them, cool them – all matter to the final result; and this is what we have done. We created our own, two exceptional, classic fabrics: terry towelling and a soft, flat cotton. We specified every aspect regarding them - the yarns, the twist of the loops, their length, the washing temperatures, the timings, and tested multiple variations until the fabrics were perfect. Our manufacturing team in Portugal enjoys striving with us to achieve exceptional results, and they say they have never worked with anyone like Cleverly before.

Everything gets better with time and use

No doubt you have that favourite sweater, and that maybe it was your Dad's Ralph Lauren one from the 80s that you stole and loved, as it faded to a colour and softness that you just couldn't buy. Our products do that by design.

OEKO-TEX® Certified

The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certification is an independent third-party certification. You can be certain that every component of Cleverly, every thread and button, has been tested for over 100 harmful substances and is harmless for human health. Wrap yourself in Cleverly products knowing our fabrics are clean, safe and feel incredible.

Thread-count 'fake-news' abounds. We use Superfine Cotton

The foundations of making cotton fabric are: cotton fibres are spun into yarns and then these yarns are woven into fabric. Superfine cotton yarns are the only yarns that are made with cotton fibres of a certified, extra-long length. This means our fabrics are the highest quality, the softest, the most absorbent, quick to dry and they will age beautifully.

Our Made in Portugal label is important to us

Portugal is one of the world's historical centres of textile manufacturing and today it is a leader in innovation, sustainability and ethical practices. Our in-house production team is based in Portugal and the entire Cleverly workforce meet there together often.

We are part of the Better Cotton Initiative

Better Cotton brings together farmers, ginners, manufacturers, retailers, brands, civil society and grassroots organisations in a unique global community committed to developing Better Cotton as a sustainable mainstream commodity. The Better Cotton Standard is a set of on-farm best practices covering social and environmental issues like pesticides, water, soil health and wellbeing. You can feel secure in knowing that Cleverly's cotton suppliers and manufacturers are all members of this initiative.