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Laundry Care

Laundry Care

Listen to our founders talk about washing towels.

Before Getting Intimate

Always wash first. Cleverly towels and robes should be washed and dried before use to stabilise the fabric and increase absorption. They may also shed some cotton fluff during your first few times together. This is normal with plush fabric and nothing to worry about.

Stay Cool

It might be tempting to turn up the heat, but Cleverly products respond better to washing and drying at lower temperatures. Wash below 40 degrees and don’t overload the machine. Then dry on the lowest setting. If rough is your thing, dry towels in the sun. Otherwise, keep them moving in a tumble dryer or in the breeze.

Stay Neat

If one of the terry loops should catch on something and pull out, just snip the thread at the level of the terry loops. As it is a tightly woven fabric, it won’t cause unravelling. Over time with washing, the ‘pull-ability’ will reduce dramatically.

Avoid Shrinkage

To avoid unwanted shrinkage in the bedroom, Cleverly PJs are pre-shrunk. Everything else will shrink a barely noticeable 5% after the first wash. Relax, size won’t be an issue.

Stay Sweet

Too much detergent can cause musty smells and poor absorption. Fabric softener can reduce absorption too. If you notice either problem use half a cup of white vinegar in the fabric softener compartment of your washing machine. It will act as a natural softener and anti-bacterial agent too.

Emotional Baggage

Cleverly denim bags are dyed in the traditional indigo technique. If you love your bag the way it is, wash it inside out with similar colours in cold water to maintain its colour and looks. Tumble dry on the lowest setting to prevent shrinkage, excess friction, and fading.