Laundry Care

How to care (but not too much)
Here’s how to have the most comfortable, sweet smelling sheets, towels and PJs to come home to after you’ve been out doing something more remarkable than laundry.

Wash and dry before use to stabilise the fabric and increase absorption. If you pay unusually close attention to your towels you may notice them shed some cotton fluff to begin with. This is normal, it will stop.

Keep it low. Wash below 104ºF (40ºC) and don’t overload the machine. Dry on the lowest setting. It’s better to dry for 45 minutes on low than scorch on high for 15. If rough is your thing, dry towels in the sun. Otherwise, keep them moving in a tumble dryer or in the breeze.

Surprisingly, too much detergent can cause musty smells and poor absorption. Fabric softener can reduce absorption too. If you notice either, use ½ cup of white vinegar in the fabric softener compartment. It will act as a natural softener and anti-bacterial agent. Note, that leftover bottle of white wine will not work.

If one of the terry loops pulls out, just snip the thread at the base. As it is a tightly woven fabric, it won’t cause unravelling. Over time, the ‘pull-ability’ will reduce dramatically and you should spend your time thinking about better things anyway.

To avoid unwanted shrinkage in the bedroom, our PJs are pre-shrunk. Everything else may shrink a barely noticeable 5% after the first wash. Don’t worry, size will not be an issue.

How often do you wash them?
Wash your towels and sheets at least once a week. You may not notice the growing odour but anyone visiting will!