Cleverly Laundry makes the cosiest, 100% superfine cotton essentials for bath, bed and pool.

CL feels better than anything you've ever put against your skin. Our towels, bed sets, PJs and robes are first and foremost for wrapping your body up in and getting in-between.

Our towels are superstars at absorbing water and drying fast. We offer two weights: a brilliant lighter-weight bath towel and a brilliant heavier-weight bath towel. We did this because we discovered people have quite strong preferences about their towels and 50% of people like them heavier and 50% like them lighter. (Everybody likes them soft.) So, we made the perfect version of both.

Our bed sets feel cool to touch and are so sublimely soft and smooth on your skin. Your sleep, as well as all your favorite between-the-sheets activities, will get better and better. Trust us, after CL you will never look back. We're not bragging, we're deadly serious.

Our PJs are made from our bed set fabric and our robes from our towel fabric, so you know the drill: they are insanely comfy. They have lots of subtle design details that make them feel so good to wear they are really, really hard to take off. CL PJ shirts and shorts have been seen spotted at the pool, the market, the diner...

Everytime you use your CL it will get better and better. We are obsessed with quality and making sure our products love the laundry process* and stand the test of time**.

The major bonus to all of this is that CL looks classic and stylish always - on you and in your home. When you haven't got around to tidying up, it'll look cool. When you've just stepped out of the shower and have unexpected late night entertaining?, you'll look cool. When you have to run to the shops in your PJ shorts, you'll look cool.

Cleverly Laundry gear will be your firm favourite. It will be your go-to whenever and wherever you are off-duty.

From now on, we've got you covered.


* See our Laundry Care page for more details.

** The CL team are geeks and spent three years in development and testing.