The brainchild of two Australians, Cleverly Laundry began with a burning desire to help to the world leave blah behind and step out of the generic Stepford bed and bath set, straight into a well lived real life.

By identifying the advantages of an area with a rich textile tradition, Northern Portugal was explored. They discovered an innovative factory with a 90 year history and an ethical business practice, and brought together dedicated textile engineers, chemists and technicians to create a formidable team of experts.

Cleverly Laundry then spent the next three years developing and testing processes and designs to create the best 100% superfine cotton fabrics for towels, sheets, robes and pjs.

With magnificent wear and feel, you can leave the light on.



All of the Cleverly Laundry products are toxin free, cruelty free and vegan. Our factory and products are certified by;


OEKO-TEX      (Testing textiles for harmful substances),

GOTS               (Global Organic Textile Standard including

                          Ethical Labour Conditions),

GRN                 (Global Recycling Network)

FAIR TRADE    (Action against injustices of conventional trade)